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(38° B.) are crutched into the fat; the alcohol, which would be 45 lb.

O lads, pray for my life, for we are almost at Crutched Friars.

It was drawn while in the possession of a dealer, who obtained it in Crutched Friars.

Crutched Friars' Church was made into a carpenter's shop and a tennis court.

The kind of soap to be crutched, whether thin or stiff, will determine the most suitable type for the purpose.

In 1527 great disputes arose between the Drapers and the Crutched Friars.

Crutched′-frī′ars, an order of friars so called from the sign of the cross which they wore—Crouched- or Crossed-friars.

Shylock leant over his crutched stick, with both hands; and, looking askance at Bassanio, said: "Three thousand ducats?"

So the Trinitarians who also wore a conspicuous cross on their habit were known in England as Crutched friars.

When this stage is arrived at the gum tragacanth, previously softened in water, is crutched in if it is to be added.