Definition for creating

noun as in molding

Strong matches

casting, making, modeling, shaping

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Example Sentences

So the companies coat the mRNA with an emulsion of lipids, creating little bubbles known as lipid nanoparticles.

If you don't go in with the mind-set that it's the next magical, puzzle-filled Zelda open world game, you'll find a satisfying entry in the annals of game brilliance first created by Shigeru Miyamoto more than three decades ago.

What seems clear is that the Great Fire created a gulf between the emperor and the Roman elite.

Although outdoors, the tent, if closed off to the elements, could create poor ventilation akin to dining indoors.

Although outdoors, if the tent is closed off to the elements it could create poor ventilation akin to dining indoors.

This is a Hollywood director at the height of his powers creating original, wildly ambitious epics.

But as an American creating a new brand here, and living the daily life of the souk, he seems to be in a league of his own.

Creating PGCs from skin tissue, on the other hand, seems like a walk in the park compared to egg freezing.

Overnight on a New York City street, two artists might be creating their latest photo set, made entirely from discarded items.

And then he went on a tear in early 2013, creating one provocation after another, seemingly every day for more than two months.

At the end of the campaign the Emperor justly rewarded his lieutenant by creating him Prince of Wagram.

Some of the soldiers secured the porter from creating an alarm; and the rest filling the hall, fastened the door.

Lastly, the need of creating an Imperial Development Board engaged our p. 213serious attention.

Yet patiently they had waited for the promised greater share of the wealth they were creating.

Statutes creating new crimes or increasing the punishment of old crimes ought in no case to be retrospective.


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