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cottage cheese

noun as in soft white cheese

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Example Sentences

Upgrade to “special,” and the kitfo comes with collard greens and housemade cottage cheese.

Meals I make myself are a respite from the complex, the opposite of upscale, sometimes just a baked sweet potato split and plied with cottage cheese or, better yet, grated Parmesan or crumbled feta, whatever I happen to have on hand.

While some Westerners are disgusted by insect larvae on a plate, Easterners are similarly revolted by the idea of lifting curdles from soured milk, adding salt, and giving the resulting product a quaint name like “cottage cheese.”

It is ostentatiously opulent, involving matzoh, butter, cottage cheese, eggs and dollops of strawberry jam, all previously verboten.

L’Auberge Chez Francois demonstrates their value, as when garlic toast and herbed cottage cheese appear on the table, just as they have always kicked off a meal.

Feel good about using cottage cheese as a dip because it delivers calcium, quality protein and potassium.

Because ending occupation is low on the agenda of Israeli voters, lower even than the price of cottage cheese.

“Ending occupation is low on the agenda of Israeli voters, lower even than the price of cottage cheese,” she writes.

They were about doctors willing to go on hunger strike, sky-rocketing cottage cheese prices, and the Arab Spring.

Casein is known in its commonest form as the curd in milk, or as cottage cheese.

To compare Sanatogen to cottage cheese is the height of absurdity—​as it was probably intended to be.

When Esmay returned she brought with her a bowl containing a small quantity of cottage cheese, hard and yellow with age.

Cream cheese, ordinary American cheese, or even cottage cheese finely mashed may be used for this purpose.

If not a sufficient amount of cottage cheese is in supply to serve for a meal, it may very well be used for this dish.


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