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noun as in protective layer

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Kids are still developing their prefrontal cortex, that guides controlled behaviors and adherence to other norms in society.

It would also pass these signals to the olfactory cortex, whose neuro-machinery would determine the quality and the concentration of the smells.

Rather, using state-of-the-art brain imaging, scientists began honing down towards the front of the brain, sitting right behind the forehead—the prefrontal cortex—as the piece of the brain that captures another’s beliefs and thoughts.

In one mind-blowing study, his team grew two separate portions of the brain into blobs, one representing the cortex, the other a deeper part of the brain known to control reward and movement, called the striatum.

If the taste cortex was highly organized, damage in one spot could mean you lose one taste entirely.

Its distinctiveness arises from a key region, the frontal cortex, not being fully developed.

Rocket has a “cybernetic skeletal structure, enhanced phalange and metacarpal bones, and a genetically augmented cerebral cortex.”

Brain death implies the complete and permanent absence of neurological function in the cortex and the brainstem.

LSD affects the gating process—so much more information is sent to the cortex to be processed.

Relax your mind to unleash those lucrative alpha waves; mobilize your pre-frontal cortex and make a million bucks.

A cell of another form, from the superficial or outer part of the greater brain (cortex cerebri).

The cortex of a person of average intelligence, if spread out on a flat surface, measures about four square feet.

Much more disastrous results can be traced directly to the action of the mycelium in the cortex.

But then we have achieved a very considerable improvement in the utilization of the The Brain's cortex capacity.

In this case the outermost sporangia are often consolidated to form a cortex more or less dense and shining.


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