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[ kawr-uh-spond, kor- ]SEE DEFINITION OF corresponds
  • verbagree, complement
  • verbcommunicate in writing

Synonyms for corresponds

  • coincide
  • compare
  • conform
  • correlate
  • dovetail
  • harmonize
  • resemble
  • tally
  • accord
  • amount
  • approach
  • assimilate
  • equal
  • fit
  • match
  • reciprocate
  • rival
  • square
  • touch
  • be consistent
  • be identical to
  • be similar to
  • lip sync
  • partake of

Antonyms for corresponds

  • clash
  • deviate
  • differ
  • disagree
  • disconnect
  • fight
  • mismatch
  • deny
  • refuse
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It is observed in the month Adar, which corresponds with our February and March.

Every divisor is a gift of God, and corresponds to the months of the year and to the revolution of the universe.

Say, rather, once it fitted him, now it corresponds to him from far and on high.

The size of the body also corresponds with the stature of the girl I knew.

Advocate: Lay your hand upon it, and see if it corresponds in size?

The waves of red are the longest; it corresponds, then, to the tonic.

This corresponds to about 300 verses, each sloka of thirty-two syllables.

The first year of Saka corresponds to the seventy-eighth of the Christian era.

But what corresponds to this in the case of the moral and religious beliefs?

Eudæmonics, as an art, corresponds to the science 'ontology.'


1520s, "to be in agreement, to be in harmony with," from Middle French correspondre (14c.) or directly from Medieval Latin correspondere, from cor- (see com-) "together, with each other" + respondere "to answer" (see respond).

Originally in Medieval Latin of two things in mutual action, but by later Medieval Latin it could be used of one thing only. In English, sense of "to be similar" (to) is from 1640s; that of "to hold communication with" is from c.1600; specifically "to communicate by means of letters" from 1640s (in mid-18c. it also could mean "have sex"). Related: Corresponded; corresponding.