[ verb, adjective kawr-uh-leyt, kor-; noun kawr-uh-lit, -leyt, kor- ]SEE DEFINITION OF correlating

Antonyms for correlating

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A mass of data is already at hand, and in process of sorting and correlating.

Furthermore, the subject is capable of correlating everything.

Their active little brains are almost wholly engaged in correlating and co-ordinating smells with actions.

The perfect Form of mastership belongs to the Gods, correlating with its proper Form of servantship.

Of course, he was right; mere facts, without the correlating idea, are nothing and lead to no conclusion.

At some length, she explained the nature and purpose of the tests, and her method of scoring and correlating them.

We simply need the correlating force that shall join the two in the immediate relief of our sadly wobbling railroad situation.

The data we got from correlating those 'misreadings' from the various IP posts mean a lot.

Looking at it in this lightand there seemed no other way of correlating this literature with human lifeOld Mole was distressed.

This book is an attempt at correlating sleep and dreams and at explaining sleep through dreams.