Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


In design, sheet arrangement, etc., it conforms with the others of the series.

The one should be taken which conforms closest to the description.

That which comes after ever conforms to that which has gone before.

He conforms himself to all regulations which may be made from time to time.

Uncle Anthony conforms, and he is kindly-hearted as man could wish.

That is right which conforms to it, that is wrong which conflicts with it.

And it conforms to all the customs of the old-time tipping-tables.

It is truly volition because it conforms to the true type of volition.

Good English is that which is good for its purpose and conforms to the standards of usage.

Nevertheless, the care of the body is logical and conforms to natural laws.


mid-14c., confourmen, from Old French conformer "conform (to), agree (to), make or be similar, be agreeable" (13c.), from Latin conformare "to fashion, to form, to shape; educate; modify," from com- "together" (see com-) + formare "to form" (see form (v.)).

Sense of "to comply with the usages of the Church of England" is from 1610s; hence conformist (1630s), opposed to non-conformist or dissenter. Related: Conformance; conformed; conforming.