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Our ancestors had a highly developed appreciation of the value of condiments.

The smoker feels no appetite for food, and in order to give it some flavour, spices and condiments have to be freely used.

A Guide to HealthMahatma Gandhi

The modern English would no more relish his royal highness's taste in condiments than in religion.

Cut a fat chicken into pieces at the joints; season with all kinds of condiments; then put in a deep saucepan.

Savory is applied chiefly to cooked food made palatable by spices and condiments.

English Synonyms and AntonymsJames Champlin Fernald

Hence it is quite necessary to eschew all condiments altogether.

A Guide to HealthMahatma Gandhi

Exciting stimulants and condiments weaken and irritate his nerves and derange the circulation.

Salt The most important and extensively used of the condiments is common salt.

A Practical PhysiologyAlbert F. Blaisdell

Condiments should be avoided, the healthy appetite is better without them, and they irritate the stomach.

Toss first in the oil, then add the condiments, and lastly the vinegar.

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