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Judge: If I hear any more absurd comparisons, I will give you twelve months.THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
Your hostess may imagine you are drawing comparisons unfavorable to your present residence.THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESSFLORENCE HARTLEY
His quick-wittedness and the subtlety of his character make him full of quaint remarks and funny and unexpected comparisons.FRIEND MAC DONALDMAX O'RELL
Sensible people, who delight in exact imagery, of course, are led away by comparisons and metaphors.THE 'CHARACTERS' OF JEAN DE LA BRUYREJEAN DE LA BRUYRE
No inference can be drawn from any comparisons between sexual crime of adults and sexual misbehaviour among children.REPORT OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON MORAL DELINQUENCY IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTSOSWALD CHETTLE MAZENGARB ET AL.
He is not the only man who makes such wretched estimations or such odious comparisons; the world is full of Euthyphrons.THE 'CHARACTERS' OF JEAN DE LA BRUYREJEAN DE LA BRUYRE
Those who are interested can pursue these comparisons between the two poets for themselves.CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, HIS LIFETHOPHILE GAUTIER
She was only a simple prairie girl who drew her own comparisons according to her kind and from what she knew of life.YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
She was struggling to avoid making comparisons between her two companions.THE DAUGHTERS OF DANAUSMONA CAIRD
It is, therefore, (p. 224) a matter of individual taste, and further comparisons would be invidious and perhaps unjust.YACHTING VOL. 2VARIOUS.


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