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The chronicling of such inexplicable cruelties I leave to other pens.

Mr. Raymond, in chronicling this anecdote, tells of the New York Herald giving the story in a mangled and pointless copy.

I must not overload these slight pages by chronicling at length how Merchester caught and developed the Pageant fever.

The master himself was not exempt and once we find him chronicling that he went a-hunting and caught a fox and the ague.

The omission illustrates his carelessness in respect to the chronicling of his deeds, his heedlessness as to fame and glory.

And those dates there, chronicling but the mysterious unrevealed record of some obscure loving heart!

The morning scene we are chronicling was not an exceptional one; still it left the lady in a burning rage.

We pass on, therefore, and leave D'Esmonde the task of chronicling some of the results of that memorable period.

It announced in large head-lines, as befitted the chronicling of such an event, the death of Mr. William Lancaster, capitalist.

And those dates there, chronicling but the mysterious, unrevealed record of some obscure, loving heart!


c.1300, cronicle, from Anglo-French cronicle, from Old French cronique "chronicle" (Modern French chronique), from Latin chronica (neuter plural mistaken for fem. singular), from Greek ta khronika (biblia) "the (books of) annals, chronology," neuter plural of khronikos "of time." Ending modified in Anglo-French, perhaps by influence of article. Old English had cranic "chronicle," cranicwritere "chronicler." The classical -h- was restored in English from 16c.