Antonyms for cavities

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Or you may fill the cavities with raspberry jam, or with any sort of marmalade.

The inner parts of the net were made by him of fire, the lesser nets and their cavities of air.

Pteropega: wing sockets or cavities into which the wings are inserted.

The origin of these cavities may be discussed at a later time.

This will be the stuffing with which you will fill the cavities of the twelve halves of peach.

Into these cavities penetrated through one end of the bin 6-in.

Further, a mass of dried mud is full of cavities and fissures.

The metal has been carried away, but the cavities in the marble still remain.

In the other two cavities, (the many-plies and the reed,) there was absolutely none.

There were, here and there, cavities in which water had formed in pools.