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conjunction as in indicating contrast

conjunction as in indicating an exception

preposition as in indicating contrast

preposition as in indicating an exception

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Example Sentences

And more I cannot explain/but you, from what I did not say/will infer what I do not say.

And there is always the easy-but-true charge of Hollywood hypocrisy.

Sheets of bright-but-not-too-bright blue streaked with thin clouds.

And in those conflicts, the Predator would be all-but-useless.

And we all remember good-but-overpraised songs like If I Had a Hammer and the treacly classic Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

When he first worked her she had the old bee-but boiler, 24 feet in diameter.

Till now one with sudden hiss: "But-good Christ-just look-why, the roof's leaning—!"

Our friend with his infinite variety and flexibility, we know-but can we put him in?

Eligible single gentlemen pass and repass-but there is no invitation for to inquire within or without.

And again there came to Honoria that ache of longing for the but-half-disclosed glory and fulness of life.


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What are other ways to say but?

The conjunction but marks an opposition or contrast, though in a casual way: We are going, but we shall return. However indicates a less marked opposition, but displays a second consideration to be compared with the first: We are going; however (“notice this also”), we shall return. Nevertheless implies a concession, something which should not be forgotten in making a summing up: We are going; nevertheless (“do not forget that”), we shall return. Still implies that in spite of a preceding concession, something must be considered as possible or even inevitable: We have to go on foot; still (“it is probable and possible that”), we’ll get there. Yet implies that in spite of a preceding concession, there is still a chance for a different outcome: We are going; yet (“in spite of all, some day”), we shall return.

On this page you'll find 48 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to but, such as: although, however, nevertheless, on the other hand, still, and though.

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