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noun as in chalkboard

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Our idea of a prank is, my best friend to this very day is a guy called Chris, and I just remember going round and what I’d do every morning is write on every whiteboard and blackboard, “I love Depeche Mode,” and sign it “Chris Little.”

Throw out the chalk and blackboards, because there’s a new player in the world of education.

From Ozy

They gave me an office with a blackboard and said, “Do something interesting.”

Lagrangians, Poisson brackets, and Lorentz boosts were precious and delicate items, taken out of their boxes and presented to us in beautifully chalked equations on the blackboard.

One female teaching assistant described writing on the blackboard while students “talked loudly about my butt.”

Others cheated by taking crib sheets to the blackboard with them, concealing them from Jackson but not from the other students.

There could be no more fitting companion for the Acadian chicken stew entree inscribed on a blackboard in the dining room.

Notes were scrawled on a large white board, and “The Internet Association” was written in chalk on a blackboard.

When gazpacho is on the blackboard menu at lunch, it's a must.

In this clip, she heads to the blackboard and does her magic.

Men of good taste, as well as those having tact and ingenuity, can and do use the blackboard with power in various ways.

When indisposed to lecture, they simply posted upon the blackboard: "Hodie non legitur," and this was the end of the matter.

The blackboard should be wiped with a damp cloth, in order to prevent the chalk from vitiating the air.

He drew five lines on the blackboard, and made eight dots that looked as 57though they were going upstairs on the lines.

When we came in from afternoon recess, there was the Sign, as big as life, drawn with chalk on the blackboard.


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