Synonyms for bl

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It is divided into the orders Siphonobranchiata and Asiphonibranchiata, Bl.

I came forward,—traversed the room,—was indeed in a bl—dy passion.

The following ballad is given from an ancient copy in the Golden Garland, bl.

It is shewn in fig. 30 A, where bl points to the blastoderm, and yk to the part of the yolk not yet covered by the blastoderm.

Bl W, bridle wire, screwed into wippen, bent in the shape of a buckle at top to hold bridle.

Bramble, bram′bl, n. a wild prickly shrub bearing blackberries, a blackberry bush: any rough prickly shrub.

Fimble, fim′bl, n. the male plant of hemp, yielding a weaker and shorter fibre than the Carl hemp or female plant.

Foible, foi′bl, n. a weak point in one's character: a failing.

Nimble, nim′bl, adj. light and quick in motion: active: swift.

Go and tell her that some singers are here who know the ballads of the Bl Ghaut, and will sing her one.