Antonyms for bevelling

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The bevelling of the curves at the ends was the only new feature of the knife work.

This looks well and saves the need of bevelling the edges of the roof-boards.

The most difficult part is the bevelling of the joints (see Bevelling).

This may, however, be remedied to a great extent by bevelling off the ends from the outside as shown in Fig. 1416.

He soon invented a machine for bevelling hoop-rings, and made five thousand dollars the first year from its use.

Also, the bevelling of any piece of timber or plank to any required angle: as the bearding of dead wood, clamps, &c.

Any alteration from a square in hewing timber, as taken by the bevel, bevelling rule, or bevelling boards.

In marine architecture, implies those frames which are square with the line of the keel, having no bevelling upon them.

The bevelling of the panel is always a sign that a chair is later in date than the year 1670.

The bevelling of the edges of the top and front boards can be done after the box is put together (see Bevelling).