Antonyms for believers

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One is shocked in reading some of the "hymns" of these believers.

What is the use of verifying them so far as believers are concerned?

The thunder of the believers silenced the still small voice of doubt.

I've run into believers before who could see the little people.

A sympathy comes to you from the circle of believers, and you believe, too.

Safety was promised for believers, a safety that has been lacking for everyone.

This kind of perfection was the goal of the aspiration and effort of believers.

It seems to be in harmony with the principles of freedom of trade, in which we are believers.

In this case the believers were all lost and the unbeliever saved.

The believers in universal brotherhood who hated half the people.


Old English belyfan "to believe," earlier geleafa (Mercian), gelefa (Northumbrian), gelyfan (West Saxon) "believe," from Proto-Germanic *ga-laubjan "to believe," perhaps literally "hold dear, love" (cf. Old Saxon gilobian "believe," Dutch geloven, Old High German gilouben, German glauben), ultimately a compound based on PIE *leubh- "to care, desire, love" (see belief).

Spelling beleeve is common till 17c.; then altered, perhaps by influence of relieve, etc. To believe on instead of in was more common in 16c. but now is a peculiarity of theology; believe of also sometimes was used in 17c. Related: Believed (formerly occasionally beleft); believing. Expression believe it or not attested by 1874; Robert Ripley's newspaper cartoon of the same name is from 1918. Emphatic you better believe attested from 1854.