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adjective as in wearing no shoes

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From there the scene cuts to a dark forest where Mono, a small, barefoot boy with a bag over his head, sits with his back toward a boxy television with a static-filled screen which quickly shuts off.

The rescuers found the victims themselves over half a mile downslope from their camp, some of them barefoot and almost naked.

If your favorite soccer team scores a goal while you’re barefoot, you may take off your shoes and socks for future games — just in case.

Fortunately all photographic evidence has long been destroyed, but there was a time when I briefly belonged to the barefoot running cult.

People danced barefoot on the soft sand and mingled with friends, she said.

He stood barefoot, his neck covered with interlocking black tattooed swirls, the word HELL inked into his forehead.

The decomposing corpses wore the black pants and belts that fighters wear, although some were barefoot.

It was not easy to walk barefoot over rocky soil, many of the hard trodden patches searing in the direct light of the sun.

A barefoot corpse in camouflaged khakis is being carried into the street, partially wrapped in rug, as I enter the house.

Urban children kick a can on concrete and rural kids kick a rag wrapped around a rag wrapped around a rag, barefoot, on dirt.

It may be said that among uncivilized and barefoot people the great toe is usually very mobile.

There was Billy Cook, from over across the cove, who was always barefoot, although a man of forty.

He ware none other clothing, and he went oft barefoot and seldom ware any girdle.

Usually they go barefoot in their villages, but when they are on a journey they wear a sort of brogue like the men.

He must fast many days, or travel barefoot through rugged ways, or sleep in the open air.


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