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verb as in join, fasten

verb as in socially join

verb as in attribute, ascribe

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Example Sentences

In mid-October, scientists managed to trap a few hornets in the wild, and then use dental floss to attach radio trackers to the captured specimens.

Elin arrived with the latches she’d bought for the project, and Adams brought along his drill and attached them.

The bathrooms are outhouses, and the makeshift shower consists of a plastic bucket attached to a pulley system.

Furthermore, a “difficult” child can change because of a warm, strongly attached parenting style.

In this case, that mRNA holds the genetic instructions for making the coronavirus’ spike protein, which helps the virus attach to and enter host cells.

Once a month he attaches a device to his chest, clamps metal bracelets on his wrists, and hooks the whole thing up to a telephone.

He recruits military officers and dispatches them abroad under the cover of embassy attaches.

In the case of a purely electric car like the expensive Tesla Model S, a $7,500 tax credit attaches to each purchase.

The opposition party always attaches strings and conditions and so forth, but they obey the will of the people.

He attaches a large lock to the door and snaps it shut, locking us in the cell.

To the choice of this motto attaches a history in which a certain Sergius Rachinsky played a part.

Lucian attaches an intelligible meaning to these flippant expletives, and represents Socrates as justifying their use.

To doubt, for many people, is to dread the trouble of examining things to which one attaches but little interest.

A sentiment attaches to Armagh, but Dublin was much more really important.

Of buildings to which historic interest attaches, there are the Merchant Venturers' almshouses , adjoining their hall.


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