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verb as in evaluate, determine

verb as in assign fee,

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Thousands of reviewers say they used the code to assess the submissions.

The best way to go about optimizing your site speed is to run your site through a free tool such as GTmetrix or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to assess how your site performs currently.

While young children are prone to minor infections, they now in theory face less exposure to those milder illnesses due to pandemic-related social distancing, and that means the calculus behind assessing symptoms changes.

From Fortune

They will carefully assess when you can safely return to sports.

Recently we launched a new effort to ask CEOs to assess the financial health and security of their workers, because in this time, it’s no longer appropriate for CEOs to not have this information.

From Fortune

That said, the U.S. intelligence community assesses that ISIS poses a particularly difficult problem.

Brown assesses sexual misconduct charges under a “preponderance of the evidence” standard—the lowest legal burden of proof.

Disclosure: The Disclosure Score assesses company reporting and transparency on environmental impacts and performance.

My CNN column assesses the Romney and Obama ideas for raising worker pay.

Jace Lacob assesses the field to see whether Mad Men will make history with a fifth win.

Ef he's got somewhars 'round ten dollars in chicken-feed an' in ones an' twos, you assesses him dues of jest one dollar even.

The farmer assesses the duty on any piece of stone brought in.

He condemns a whole street at a time, assesses the damages, pays them, and rebuilds superbly.

The more severe government of France assesses upon each generality a certain sum, which the intendant must find as he can.

But it is a demand for this surplus, no matter how created, that assesses the value of the whole product.


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