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noun as in intentional burning

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The records also described a silver-haired former police chief who walked with an unusual gait, drove a 15-year-old Toyota Camry, and allegedly concealed himself on arson jobs by pulling a tight hoodie around his head.

In many of the arsons, the person setting the fires wore a sweatshirt with the hood tied taut around their face, and they set their fires by using gallon jugs of gasoline and sticks tied with cloth.

Deem, 31, died battling an arson fire in a gym on May 18, 2017, authorities say.

From Time

Twenty people in East County are facing a total of 75 felony and misdemeanor charges, most of them tied to the La Mesa protests beginning May 30, which erupted in violence, looting and arson.

The demonstrations have also devolved in arson, looting, and property destruction, as well as violence that has left multiple people dead.

From Fortune

Murder, drugs, and arson are mercifully absent from his story but many things are different than before.

Klansmen were implicated in the arson of 30 black churches in Mississippi.

In the late 1940s, he writes, there was “one racially motivated bombing or arson” every twenty days.

Zeffirelli's film was awful and creepy and over the top in all the right ways: arson, chases, death, prison, Tom Cruise.

It's a good day to remember Rodney Hulin, a physically slight teenager who was serving time for arson in a Texas prison.

Murder, rape, arson, and a host of other atrocities are often the first evidence of a diseased brain.

These sanguinary deeds were diversified by various attempts at arson—the latest, with aid of gunpowder, being successful.

Palliation may be found for the alleged arson mentioned in the catalogue of complaints that have excited British indignation.

Arson, rs′on, n. the crime of wilfully burning houses or other buildings.

This was a simple matter when the strikers were guilty of trespass, arson, or sabotage.


On this page you'll find 7 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to arson, such as: torching, firing, incendiarism, pyromania, setting fire, and touching off.

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