[ ahr-pej-ee-oh, -pej-oh ]SEE DEFINITION OF arpeggio

Synonyms for arpeggio

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I amused myself by playing an arpeggio when Schikaneder came to a pause.

The study ends with the arpeggio passage as at the beginning.

There can never be too much practice of a scale or arpeggio exercise.

Scale and arpeggio passages were absolutely clean and without a flaw.

There must be scale and arpeggio study, in which the metronome can be used.

This noise was not repeated, and by a treble rap I mean the sound was like an arpeggio chord.

If due attention be given to the intonation of the arpeggio, the scale should not be, as it too often is, all out of tune.

He was unequaled in producing pizzicatos with the left hand, arpeggio passages, the tremolo, and the gettato.

Begin by making the class sing them in arpeggio, and in a definite rhythm, so as to get precision.

Accordingly an open, flowing style (arpeggio) is one of the idioms best suited to its nature.