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adjective as in very cold

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The BioNTech vaccine is already difficult to distribute—it must be kept at sub-arctic temperatures and administered in two doses several weeks apart.

From Fortune

The researchers’ calculations assume that, like some arctic hunter-gatherers today, ancient humans acquired 45 percent of their calories from animal protein.

How to dress for cold weather, according to an arctic researcher.

From Vox

We were glad our test piece arrived just before an arctic air mass spilled over the Continental Divide, putting us in the deep freezer for a week.

Also gone from the branding is the caricature of an arctic child in a fur-collared coat.

From Eater

Two years into an Arctic expedition, they were forced to abandon ship a thousand miles north of Siberia.

At Studio Stagetti, I shot a man with more picks and axes than I have ever seen outside an arctic expedition.

Some of this is just a natural part of adapting to the natural climate change that is happening in the Arctic.

Russia is rapidly building up its military forces in the Arctic in an effort to secure its claims in the frigid region.

But beyond the strict realm of national security, the Arctic is becoming increasingly important to Russia economically.

It was depressing to think of going to bed in such circumstances with the yelling of an Arctic storm for a lullaby.

When it cleared, the valley was a solid expanse of white, and the stars shone out as if in an Arctic sky.

This shelter, however, was sufficient in the long summer day of the Arctic regions.

After the warmth of the girl's greeting, this other was like a plunge into the Arctic chill of his northern retreat.

The southern parts of the Arctic islands, especially Banksland, belong to it also.


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