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noun as in study of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras

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Example Sentences

In conversation, they soon discovered a mutual love of archaeology.

Neanderthals were discovered in Europe, the continent with the longest and most well-funded tradition in archaeology.

Data archaeology is particularly good for historians studying cities because urban places often hold the stories of immigrants who might be otherwise difficult to trace.

In recent months, a series of discoveries have captivated the world of archaeology.

Mason jars were tucked into dusty bookshelves packed with cookbooks, novels, and archaeology texts.

The first time I ever heard about archaeology was in the fifth grade when we learned about Richard Leakey.

I found the section of the book on forensic archaeology fascinating.

Ruth Shady isn't my anything; she is her own, completely original force in archaeology.

If you can stomach lunch—forensic archaeology can be disgusting.

Archaeology is about paying attention to things that have been or could be indetectable or invisible to others.

This lack of enjoyment in Nature, lack of interest in topography and archaeology, was probably personal to him.

The Canon, whose archaeology did not go back beyond St. Patrick, offered no correction.

Whatever may be the reason, such theories are not borne out by the discoveries of archaeology.

We need also to consider the vast and great civilizations which existed in remote antiquity as is now revealed by archaeology.

David Hulse, junior author, is a native of Decatur, and his interest in archaeology is as longstanding as Cambron's.


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