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It was in many ways a major departure from their typical approach to their craft.BTS’S NEW ALBUM IS SUBLIME COMFORT POP FOR THE SOUL IN LOCKDOWNAJA ROMANONOVEMBER 20, 2020VOX
It’s a well-worn approach historians have used to describe Glenn for almost half a century.ANOTHER LOOK AT JOHN GLENN THROUGH A HEROIC LENSFRANCIS FRENCHNOVEMBER 20, 2020WASHINGTON POST
She said a more comprehensive and seamless approach to that regulation would allow for more solutions and innovations.THE CASHLESS ECONOMY: HOW FINTECH IS APPROACHING THE FUTURE OF FINANCEMCKENNA MOORENOVEMBER 19, 2020FORTUNE
I think there’s likely to be a hybrid approach with cohorts coming in to work on projects that will keep the buildings being used.AMAZON UPDATE: SECOND HEADQUARTERS DEVELOPMENT AND THE AREA’S HOUSING MARKETMICHELE LERNERNOVEMBER 19, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Its existence strikes at two conflicting urges — wanting to see the vulnerable people in our lives and wanting to keep them safe — that have pulled at so many of us during this pandemic and now feel amplified as the holidays approach.A 28-YEAR-OLD ‘NERD’ IN BALTIMORE INVENTED A NEW TYPE OF MASK, AND TAPPED INTO THE STRANGENESS OF THIS 2020 HOLIDAY SEASONTHERESA VARGASNOVEMBER 18, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Experts have repeatedly recommended deploying them strategically in a multipronged approach.LONG LINES AND DELAYED RESULTS AGAIN PLAGUE CORONAVIRUS TESTS AS THANKSGIVING APPROACHESWILLIAM WANNOVEMBER 18, 2020WASHINGTON POST
So it’s a lot more hands-on approach, I would say, in a lot of the decisions to make sure the right decisions were being made.‘LOGISTICAL ISSUES’: CONFESSIONS OF A PRODUCTION EXEC ON HOW CORONAVIRUS SAFETY HAS CHANGED HER JOBKRISTINA MONLLOSNOVEMBER 18, 2020DIGIDAY
These measures, which will run through December 6 at the earliest, suggest the failure of a more tentative approach that was very similar to ours in Germany.NOBODY REALLY KNOWS WHICH CORONAVIRUS STRATEGY IS THE RIGHT ONEDAVID MEYERNOVEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
The administration’s haphazard approach to antigen tests is an extension of that larger failure, he said.RAPID TESTING IS LESS ACCURATE THAN THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO ADMITBY LISA SONGNOVEMBER 16, 2020PROPUBLICA
Achieving this requires a sharp shift from our current ad hoc approach to production, delivery, and policies on who will get the vaccine.IF WE DON’T VACCINATE THE WORLD QUICKLY, ALL OUR COVID EFFORTS WILL BE A WASTEJAKEMETHNOVEMBER 12, 2020FORTUNE


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