[ an-ti-bahy-ot-ik, -bee-, an-tee-, -tahy- ]
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One example was the change in the control of antibiotics and sulfonamides.

We'll load everybody up with antibiotics and hope for the best.

Marin pumped them full of antibiotics, bandaged their wounds, fed them through their veins, and shot them into sleep.

Few chemicals other than antibiotics have proved to be useful in the elimination or reduction of bacteroids.

Calcium gluconate and gas gangrene antitoxin as well as antibiotics are helpful.

It proved resistant to every one of the antibiotics and antiviral agents in the Lancet's stockroom.

A woman who contracts pneumonia can be cured with antibiotics while she lies in bed watching television or sleeping.

The air-regenerating apparatus had been developed from the aeriating culture-tanks in which antibiotics were grown on Earth.

Right now, for instance, strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

"Antibiotics and stuff," he answered, and pulled a little flat plastic case out of a pocket.