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A full list of amendments and other notes follow the end of the book.

But he thought he would submit it to his friends for their amendments.

In 1839 he introduced a bill in the House of Assembly embracing these amendments.

They rejected the amendments, and demanded a free conference.

A discussion then took place and amendments might be proposed.

The amendments were made, and all were reconciled to the government.

But when voted upon, the new constitution was lost, and with it these amendments.

The vote was sent back to the commons with these amendments.

There are now eighteen amendments to the Federal Constitution.

At the next general election we will vote on these two amendments.


early 13c., "betterment, improvement;" c.1300, of persons, "correction, reformation," from Old French amendment, from amender (see amend). Sense expanded to include "correction of error in a legal process" (c.1600) and "alteration of a writ or bill" to remove its faults (1690s).