Antonyms for allotting

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The living spouse may not deviate from custom in allotting the property of the deceased.

An important function of the town meeting was in allotting land.

The regulating and allotting of cabins to each particular officer was first established.

To-day, though that old-established custom is observed, the method of allotting the vein and granting title has been changed.

The while Haviland had hardly noticed how the other had been allotting all the choicest bits to his share.

In allotting blame, as between Robinson and himself, the proportion was six of one and half a dozen of the other.

This game is supposed to have originated in early methods of allotting land.

We do not know enough of the circumstances to be sure of allotting censure in exact and rightful measure.

I advocated the subdivision of the land, allotting to each family what it could cultivate and measuring their crops separately.

Hence Mr. Middleton suggests the evil admits of an easy remedy, namely, the allotting to each cottager a piece of ground.