Antonyms for alit

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


As ill-luck would have it, I alit upon my feet within the vehicle.

A faint scent of chypre from Petticoat's cigarette as he alit.

Then she there alit, and came before the king and saluted him; and he said: Damosel, God thee bless.

They were still high up, but all of a sudden they darted down together and alit on a tall tree that stood nearly alone.

And then he alit off his horse, and said: Fair sweet brother, when came ye hither?

Then Sir Launcelot alit and entered into the chapel and there he saw an old man dead, in a white shirt of passing fine cloth.

Right so alit a cloud betwixt them in likeness of a fire and a marvellous flame, that both their two shields burnt.

And on the strand he found a ship covered all with white samite, and he alit, and betook him to Jesu Christ.

Nutritur vento, vento restinguitur ignis: / Lenis alit flammas, grandior aura necat!

It flew circling among the crags, and once I thought it had passed seaward; but it came again, and alit on a boulder.