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How to use aerie in a sentence

  • And yet the croaking of the frogs may reach the eagle's aerie, and disturb the peace of the heights.

    Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist | Alexander Berkman
  • Rather a bright sun, Too glorious for him to gaze upon, That took not first flight from the eagle's aerie.

  • He was in a very eagle's aerie; the upper rim of Khinian's gorge seemed not more than a quarter of a mile above him.

  • From this aerie Hal could glimpse a bit of the village; the prim church spire; the tiny, far gravestones sleeping on Croft Hill.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • Seeing the blaze from his aerie on the island, Putnam attacked the fire as he always attacked the enemy, with impetuosity.

    "Old Put" The Patriot | Frederick A. Ober

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