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So in theory, these multiple layers should provide a high level of independence and a high level of adherence to these laws.PODCAST: COVID-19 IS HELPING TURN BRAZIL INTO A SURVEILLANCE STATEANTHONY GREENSEPTEMBER 16, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Absent any effective mechanism for encouraging adherence to the Roundtable statement, the system is stacked against those who attempt to do so.50 YEARS LATER, MILTON FRIEDMAN’S SHAREHOLDER DOCTRINE IS DEADJAKEMETHSEPTEMBER 13, 2020FORTUNE
Participants were asked about their recreational behavior, and also about their adherence to recommendations like wearing a mask or keeping six-feet distance from other people.CDC FINDS ADULTS WITH COVID-19 WERE TWICE AS LIKELY TO HAVE BEEN TO A RESTAURANTJAYA SAXENASEPTEMBER 11, 2020EATER
The 5G network will also equip patients with monitoring tools that measure vital signs, medication adherence, and more, giving doctors a more accurate, real-time look at a patient’s information—and providing for a more personalized care experience.WHY THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC HAS MADE 5G MORE ESSENTIAL THAN EVERJAKEMETHSEPTEMBER 7, 2020FORTUNE
You wouldn’t think you’d have an adherence issue with something like the cochlear implant.POLICYMAKING IS NOT A SCIENCE (YET) (EP. 405)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 13, 2020FREAKONOMICS
They affirmed their adherence to the Renaissance méridionale, and claimed equal rights for the Languedocian dialect.FRDRIC MISTRALCHARLES ALFRED DOWNER
Without repeated adherence to these moral precepts, free government cannot survive.HALLOWED HERITAGE: THE LIFE OF VIRGINIADOROTHY M. TORPEY
These two traitspride and an adherence to the point of honor, are almost invariably the mainsprings of Charalois conduct.THE FATAL DOWRYPHILIP MASSINGER
The stanchest Republican may by reason of a blind adherence to party be working an injury to the country he loves.ENGLISH: COMPOSITION AND LITERATUREW. F. (WILLIAM FRANKLIN) WEBSTER
France, he thought, had disqualified herself by her adherence to the traditions of her Revolution.THE LIFE OF MAZZINIBOLTON KING


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