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But Mauprat adds just a little support to the remarks there made.

He adds: "This child of mine is of a sort to bring more shame than honor on its father."

She has missed papa's kiss, for he had to leave home early on business; and this adds to her grief.

He adds that an intelligent Indian once suggested that this was a figurative representation of the revolution of the seasons.

It is perhaps, he adds, what the oyster is doing in its shell.

This fact, we think, adds to the strength and significance of what is here written.

The Calvary RoadRoy Hession

And it, too, adds to the impression of stillness, as the untenanted handiwork of man always does.

He seems to say that he has had his method engraved in some temple or public building, with some verses, which he adds.

I have often found it, he adds, in the maws of the bonito, between the tropics in the Pacific Ocean.

ParasitesT. Spencer Cobbold

He adds, "It is certain that St. Hildegarde knew many things that were unknown to the physicians of her time."


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