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A less efficient pump is employed to remove the air from the mercury condenser as it accumulates.

When the air becomes impure the beetle rises to the surface, forces it out, and accumulates a fresh supply.

He accumulates experiment after experiment, till they amount to a considerable volume.

Thoughts on ManWilliam Godwin

All must be kept free from dust and dirt, as this accumulates moisture and causes the stove to rust.

An Indian accumulates blankets and other portable property simply to give away at such feasts.

Tolstoi thinks he hates money, but money loves him, and accumulates about him.

Essays on Russian NovelistsWilliam Lyon Phelps

The half-liquid matter that accumulates in the bowl of a pipe will kill a small animal in three-drop doses.

Health, Happiness, and LongevityLouis Philippe McCarty

No pinholes or defacements on the walls, none of the litter that accumulates.

It's not much time, but it accumulates, in one year, thirty days!

The Elm Tree TalesF. Irene Burge Smith

If the inspiration dies out, and the information only accumulates, then truth loses its infinity.

Creative UnityRabindranath Tagore

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