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A brief history of court packingIn the Civil War era, the court expanded and shrank like an accordion.

Again there came to Philip's ears the wheezing notes of the accordion.

So with small food and much of Homer and the accordion, a week passed over the heads of the outcasts.

I tried the experiment in another way, by holding the accordion myself, and not letting it be touched by the medium.

Mysterious Psychic ForcesCamille Flammarion

William Vibard moved with his accordion from the porch to beside the kitchen stove.

Mountain BloodJoseph Hergesheimer

He held an accordion over him upon which he played a medley of airs, while she whirled a soft hat with her fingers.

The Pacific TriangleSydney Greenbie

For the accordion is not essentially an instrument of passion.

A Certain Rich ManWilliam Allen White

The people form themselves in a large ring round it, and to the sound of the violin or accordion, they dance the whole night long.

There was 'heaving up of the table, tapping, playing an accordion under the table, and so on.'

At Federicka's they had drinks behind the cool bamboo slats, and someone played an accordion.

When the Owl CriesPaul Bartlett


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