Thesaurus / abhorring


Downright and plain dealing, and abhorring to be deceived or to deceive, he was esteemed in the country for his sense and probity.

One of his peculiarities was that of abhorring a vacuum as much as nature herself.

Debit and CreditGustav Freytag

And thus he died, abhorring the mother who had counselled him to commit this horrible deed.

Royal Palaces and Parks of FranceMilburg Francisco Mansfield

Abhorring what they considered oppression in the masters, why did they oppress others?

Mary BartonElizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

What untold charm can lull a mind ill at ease, and abhorring and abjuring itself?

His active mind, abhorring idleness, was soon at work again.

The "Blackwood" GroupSir George Douglas

In the world he was stiff, shy, rudely straightforward, despising chicanery and abhorring clamour.

He is more abominable than I, and far from abhorring me he holds himself honoured that I go to him and succour him.

The old quaint notion of Nature's abhorring a vacuum was found to be practically only an assertion that the air had weight.

He was a man of ‘great honesty,’ abhorring any deceit in the art he loved and studied.

Witch, Warlock, and MagicianWilliam Henry Davenport Adams


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