Positive Words To Describe Someone (And 40 Other Ways To Say Them!)

Most people welcome and enjoy a good compliment, but sometimes the words we use to compliment people aren’t always the most original. How many times have you heard someone described as nice or funny? There’s nothing wrong with those words, of course, but they’re common enough that using them may not have the big impact you intended.

Whether you’re writing someone a thank-you card, describing a character in your latest work of fiction, or introducing someone at a party or a speaking event, it’s helpful to have an arsenal of words at your disposal that truly demonstrate what makes someone special. Here are a few of the most common words we use to describe people, and some other, even better ways to say them.


It’s cool to be kind, but there are certainly cooler ways to talk about it. Kind is an adjective that means “of a good or benevolent nature or disposition.” When you’re praising someone for being kind, it may be more impactful to choose synonyms that are specific to the individual’s kind actions or that describe specific qualities they possess that make them a kind person.

For example, if you’re describing someone as kind because of their generosity or ability to be a supportive friend, you may opt for words like:


If you think of someone as kind because they are nice or caring, go for synonyms such as:



Who doesn’t like to be told they’re intelligent? Of course, intelligence comes in many forms, and the various synonyms for intelligent can help you distinguish exactly why you think someone’s intelligence is a cut above the rest.

Are you praising them for being smart, or are you impressed by their mental quickness? Are you impressed with their ability to think outside the box? There are synonyms for intelligent that capture all of those things. Whether you’re praising an exemplary student in a class or applauding someone’s outstanding contributions in a work meeting, freshen up your praise with some other words for intelligent, such as:


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Trust us when we say there are so many other ways to say someone is trustworthy. Maybe you’re thanking your teen for doing a great job of managing their schedule or using the family car without leaving so much as a scratch on it. Or perhaps your coworker is using you as a reference, and you want to explain that they’re the kind of colleague you can always depend on.

Trustworthy would certainly apply in those cases, but your praise may be even more impactful if you opt for one of the following synonyms instead:



Hardworking is one of those words that simply may not cut it when you’re trying to describe someone whose dedication has truly had an impact on you. Say you’re working on a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card. “Mom, thank you for being so hardworking” just isn’t always going to cut it. You need a synonym for hardworking like:


Similarly, while hardworking may describe your professor, boss, partner, or co-worker just fine, it may be more impressive to use:


These words show that you not only appreciate someone’s willingness and ability to work hard, but you also value their dedication, diligence, and commitment to giving you their best.


If you’re going to praise someone for their creativity, you might need to get, well, more creative. Creative means “resulting from originality of thought, expression; imaginative,” and there are many areas to which this description may apply. If you’re writing a review of a movie, album, or art exhibit, creative is likely the most boring description you can use. Instead, you might say the work is:


Similarly, if you have a colleague who always finds a creative way to solve problems or a student whose approach to assignments leaves you in awe, you can let them know just how much you admire their talent by using words like:



So you’re looking for another way to say thoughtful? How very thoughtful of you! Ultimately, the word thoughtful means “showing consideration for others.” This could mean buying someone a gift they’ll really enjoy, stopping to get a friend a coffee when they’ve had a rough morning, or sending a colleague a “good luck” email before they head off to give that big presentation.

When someone does these things for you, you’d describe them as being thoughtful. Luckily, there are plenty of other words you can also choose to describe someone’s ability to show consideration for others. Whether you’re describing someone’s thoughtful acts or writing a thank-you note to let them know how much you appreciate their care and attention, try one of the following:



Think of the funniest person you know. Sure, you might tell them they are really funny, but it wouldn’t be awesome if you had another word to use that could capture just how much they make you laugh? You’re in luck.

There are actually dozens of synonyms you can use in place of the word funny, and each one captures a unique aspect of what makes your favorite comedian, movie, television show, comic book, or best friend really and truly laugh worthy. Next time you’re explaining just how funny something or someone is, consider one of these words instead:


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To learn more about these words, check out our handy word list with all the unique, positive words we can use to describe other people. You can review these words with our digital flash cards, test your spelling, and even put your knowledge to the test with our newest vocabulary quiz. Ready? Click here to check out the list.

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