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Tuesday, May 11, 2021


pandemonium is a synonym of chaos

noun [ pan-duh-moh-nee-uhm ]

pandemonium is another word for chaos

The noun chaos is defined as “a state of utter confusion and disorder.” It is applied to a broad range of situations that lack organization. For example, a virtual work meeting wherein everyone talks over each other and there is no agenda laid out might be described as chaos. Or, on a larger and more serious scale, a poorly managed response to a disaster wherein nobody knows how to get the help they need might be described as chaos. The synonym pandemonium suggests unrestrained disorder marked by panic, uproar, and tumult. This noun, from Pandæmonium, the capital of the underworld in Milton’s Paradise Lost, burns a little hotter, so to speak. Pandemonium implies not just disorder, but also noisy, wild, and possibly even violent activity.

Commonly found as

pandemonium + ensue
Pandemonium ensued after the referee's game-ending call; angry fans began howling and making their way toward the field. 
panic and pandemonium
The opening scene of the zombie movie was one of panic and pandemonium as people fled the once-thriving city to escape the undead.

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Monday, May 10, 2021


perturb is a synonym of disturb

verb [ per-turb ]

perturb is another word for disturb

Perturb is a synonym of disturb, but, like most synonyms, the two terms are not exactly interchangeable. Disturb is the more common verb of the two, and it is often used to mean “to interrupt,” as in, Please don’t disturb me when I’m working, or, He kept the TV volume low because he didn’t want to disturb his wife’s nap. Perturb implies more agitation and sometimes annoyance or frustration. The careless actions or insensitive words of a person might perturb someone more attuned to their surroundings. Perturb has a distinct meaning in astronomy, where it means "to cause deviation of a celestial body from a regular orbit," as by the presence of one or more other bodies. This celestial disturbance is called perturbation.

Commonly found as

perturbed + little
The customer's rude comments perturbed him a little, but the barista kept calm and focused on the task at hand.
seem to perturb
The screech owl’s shrill calls seemed to perturb the horses, who jostled and paced in their stalls. 

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Sunday, May 09, 2021


cherish is a synonym of treasure

verb [ cher-ish ]

cherish is another word for treasure

When you treasure someone or something, you regard that person or thing as precious, the way you might regard literal treasure (you know, all those gold bars and jewels you have tucked in a giant chest somewhere). When you cherish someone, the affection and fondness is even greater. To cherish is to hold or treat as dear, or to feel love for. On this Mother's Day, many of us are taking time to express just how much we cherish our moms (though it's a tall order!). Cherish is also used to talk about clinging fondly to something, such as a special memory or a gift from a loved one: She cherished the summer she spent traveling with her kids and grandkids.

Commonly found as

cherish forever
Though she couldn't really make out what the drawings were supposed to be in the card her kids made for her, she knew she would cherish it forever
cherish + memory
The speaker told the graduates to cherish the memories and friendships they had made in high school.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar