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Monday, May 03, 2021


cajole is a synonym of persuade

verb [ kuh-johl ]

cajole is another word for persuade

The verb persuade is used to talk about convincing a person to do something, as by advising or urging (we could not persuade him to wait), or inducing a person to believe something by appealing to reason or understanding (to persuade the judge of the prisoner’s innocence). This verb, on its own, does not suggest deception or persistent pestering the way that the synonym cajole does. To cajole is to persuade a person by flattery or (most likely false) promises. Cajole is usually applied when the motivation is plain old self-interest—and it frequently occurs with into, as in, He didn't want to make a trip to town, but he was cajoled into it by his extremely persistent daughter. 

Commonly found as

threaten and cajole
The high-powered corporate lawyer threatened and cajoled the small business owners until they agreed to sell to his client.
try to cajole
His friends were always trying to cajole him into joining their weekly game of poker, but he kept coming up with elaborate excuses, buying himself time to learn how to play. 

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Sunday, May 02, 2021


gawk is a synonym of stare

verb [ gawk ]

gawk is another word for stare

To stare at something is to gaze at it fixedly and intently, with eyes wide open as from surprise, wonder, alarm, or impertinence. To gawk at something is to stare at it openly and dumbly, and a little intrusively. Gawking has negative connotations and implies a lack of politeness when noticing or observing another person. You’ll find it used often of tourists gawking at attractions or at celebrities, or of nosy onlookers who, in their oblivious behavior, are perhaps causing a scene themselves. Gawk is similar to the verb gape, “to stare with the mouth open, as in wonder,” though gape is less used of people and more of sights and scenery that stirs amazement or disbelief.

Commonly found as

stop and gawk
A crowd of people stopped and gawked at the celebrity couple walking down the street, and some even got up the nerve to ask them for a selfie.
tourists gawk
A crowd of tourists gawked at the skyscraper, causing quite a bottleneck on the sidewalk.

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Saturday, May 01, 2021


vibrant is a synonym of colorful

adjective [ vahy-bruhnt ]

vibrant is another word for colorful

Colorful literally means full of color, especially a lot of different bright colors. It can also be used in a figurative way to mean rich with interesting or vividly depicted elements, such as characters or events. Used as a synonym for the literal sense, vibrant means vivid, that is, strikingly bright or intense in color. Vibrant is related to the verb vibrate, a connection that makes more sense with some other meanings: vibrant can also describe things that are pulsating with vigor and energy (one might say vibrating), such as a vibrant city, and even personalities that are energetic and full of vitality. Use of the word vibrant to describe something that is brilliantly colorful suggests that the intensity and array of hues has an energizing or stimulating effect.

Commonly found as

vibrant palette
The field of blooming tulips created a vibrant springtime palette.
rich + vibrant
On their drive to work, commuters take pleasure in seeing the rich and vibrant murals that brighten up the downtown buildings.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar