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Thursday, June 10, 2021


metamorphose is a synonym of transform

verb [ met-uh-mawr-fohz, -fohs ]

metamorphose is another word for transform

To transform something is to change it in form, appearance, or structure (to transform soybeans into oil and meal by pressure). This verb is often used to talk about changes of a less visible nature: technological advancements in the last few decades have transformed society. The synonym metamorphose means the same thing on paper, but it’s far less common and it typically alludes to the biological process of metamorphosis, that is, a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. Metamorphose is further distinguished from transform by its association with the supernatural, as in the case of the suspected wood nymphs in Adam Bede (George Eliot, 1859), that metamorphose themselves into a squirrel and scamper away.

Commonly found as

suddenly metamorphose
Her favorite literary genre was magical realism because of the endless possibilities it presented: at any moment, a character might suddenly metamorphose into a jar of honey or a turtle.
metamorphose into
After learning about it in class, the fourth-grader wanted to make sure her parents were aware that the tadpoles in the pond near their house would soon metamorphose into frogs.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2021


mortify is a synonym of embarrass

verb [ mawr-tuh-fahy ]

mortify is another word for embarrass

To embarrass someone is to make them uncomfortably self-conscious about something. A friend’s bad table manners at a fancy restaurant might embarrass you, for instance. While embarrassment is no picnic, it’s mild compared to the feeling of mortification. To mortify someone is to humiliate or shame someone, as by injury to their pride or self-respect. If you go to a fancy restaurant and this same friend (though we’re second guessing the label) yells about how slow the service is and then upends a table—well, that might mortify you. The sense of embarrassment implied by this verb is so intense, it may make you want to disappear—or worse. You see, mortify comes from the Late Latin verb mortificāre “to put to death,” and early uses of the word in English deal quite literally with matters of life and death.

Commonly found as

mortify + teenage(r)
The father mortified his teenage daughter by trying to use the latest slang in front of her friends.
absolutely mortified
The college student was absolutely mortified to find out that the contents of his private journal had been read aloud on the campus radio show.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2021


flee is a synonym of escape

verb [ flee ]

flee is another word for escape

When you’ve escaped, congratulations are due, because you’ve managed to get away from or out of something threatening or dangerous. Escape means to free yourself from confinement or restraint (an ingenious plan to escape from jail, a need to escape from reality) or to succeed in avoiding capture or any other danger (escaped the police, escaped detection). Fleeing does not necessarily entail escape, although people certainly flee with the intention of escaping. When you flee, you run away—on foot or using any means of transportation. Flee usually implies running away from peril or from pursuers, whether the danger is explicitly stated or not (waited for a chance to flee, fled from the police). Flee can also mean to leave a dangerous person or place (fled the country, fled the scene).

Commonly found as

flee a country
These refugees have been forced to flee their country because they are members of a persecuted ethnic group.
urge/encourage to flee
Although her parents urged her to flee ahead of the storm, she wanted to hole up in her boyfriend’s basement apartment and work on her philosophy paper.

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