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Synonym of the day

Sunday, June 06, 2021


decrypt is a synonym of crack

verb [ dee-kript, dih- ]

decrypt is another word for crack

The verb crack means "to figure out or solve," as in crack a murder case or crack a code. Cracking a code suggests being able to decipher messages written in the code without possessing the key or algorithm beforehand. Unless it’s aimed at the daily cryptogram in the newspaper, cracking is generally a hostile action—or heroic, depending on which side you’re on. Decrypt, which is the inverse of encrypt, means to translate a coded communication back into its original, readable form (decrypted the message). Decrypt has been used in reference to deciphering a message with or without a key. In the context of the digital age, it is almost overwhelmingly used to mean with the key. These days, data and files are being automatically encrypted and decrypted constantly, in the effort to conceal them from those who would crack them.

Commonly found as

decrypt messages
The D-Day invasion was an Allied victory, thanks in part to the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, who were able to decrypt messages written in Germany’s “unbreakable” Enigma code and obtain crucial military intelligence.
decrypt files
Hackers who use the malware known as “ransomware,” encrypt files on the user’s computer and then demand money to decrypt the files.

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Saturday, June 05, 2021


impart is a synonym of communicate

verb [ im-pahrt ]

impart is another word for communicate

Communicate and impart both deal with making something known or giving a part or share of something, such as knowledge, thoughts, hopes, qualities, or properties. Communicate, the more common word, often implies an indirect or gradual transmission: to communicate information by means of letters, telegrams, etc.; to communicate one's wishes to someone else. Impart usually implies directness of action: to impart information; to impart skills and knowledge. Impart emphasizes the bestowing of something on a recipient, rather than the process of “getting something across” using language. We see this difference especially clearly in uses of impart outside the context of communication, as when bacon imparts a smoky flavor to the soup, or when a correctly angled cue imparts a spin to the ball.

Commonly found as

impart knowledge
She disagreed with her friends who believed that the only role of education was to impart the knowledge needed to succeed in the working world.
impart lessons
She wrote this memoir in the hope of imparting to readers the lessons she learned on her way to the top.

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Synonym of the day

Friday, June 04, 2021


copious is a synonym of abundant

adjective [ koh-pee-uhs ]

copious is another word for abundant

There’s plenty to say about the adjectives abundant and copious. Both terms are used to talk large, more than adequate quantities. The more common term abundant is often used of items that are highly valued: abundant wildlife, abundant natural light. The adjective copious is more often used to emphasize sheer volume, sometimes with the suggestion of excess: The young writer took copious notes on everyone he met as he traveled through the village. Copious is often used facetiously or ironically to emphasize the glaring lack of something: I’ll be sure to get right on learning to fly a plane with my copious amounts of money and free time.

Commonly found as

copious amount(s)
The reporter consumed a copious amount of coffee to fend off sleep and finish his article.
copious spare time
When asked about her hobbies, the wildly successful CEO and mother of three joked that she used her copious spare time to pen best-selling novels.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar