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Synonym of the day

Saturday, October 03, 2020


denouement is a synonym of conclusion

noun [ dey-noo-mahn ]

denouement is another word for conclusion

A conclusion is a final part or summing up of something. A denouement is a final resolution or tidying up of the intricacies of a plot, as in a drama or novel, often a tragedy. The literary application of denouement sets it apart from the much more general term conclusion. However, denouement is also used to refer to outcomes or resolutions of a series of occurrences that may read like a novel or drama, but take place—however regrettably—in real life.

Commonly found as

reach + denouement
The film reached its denouement in a spectacular and unexpected manner—everyone in the audience was surprised by the final twist.
tragic denouement
Despite his best efforts, he felt his weekend baking experiment was well on its way to a tragic denouement.

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Friday, October 02, 2020


innocuous is a synonym of harmless

adjective [ ih-nok-yoo-uhs ]

innocuous is another word for harmless

The key idea behind the word innocuous is safety. An innocuous home remedy, for instance, is safe and poses no danger of exacerbating whatever needs remedying in the first place. Innocuous is also used to mean inoffensive, as in the case of a remark that will be universally well received. On the flip side, sometimes this word suggests a little too much safety and not enough zest: innocuous is sometimes used to describe things that are not interesting, stimulating, or significant.

Commonly found as

innocuous question
The celebrity posed what he thought was an innocuous question on social media, but his followers did not take it as such.
seemingly innocuous
The seemingly innocuous comment revealed much about her character.

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Thursday, October 01, 2020


frivolous is a synonym of silly

adjective [ friv-uh-luhs ]

frivolous is another word for silly

Something that is silly is absurd, ridiculous, or irrational—but not always in a negative way. Sometimes the word silly suggests amusement or even endearment (you silly goose!). Frivolous, on the other hand, almost always suggests a lack of value, merit, or necessity. A frivolous person is someone who is self-indulgently carefree and does not engage seriously with matters. A frivolous lawsuit is one that lacks legal merit and is not to be taken seriously.

Commonly found as

frivolous spending
His frivolous spending on useless trinkets in the checkout aisle was quickly depleting his bank account.
frivolous and unnecessary
The host of the awards show commented that the annual ceremony was frivolous and unnecessary.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar