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Thursday, October 01, 2020


frivolous is a synonym of silly

adjective [ friv-uh-luhs ]

frivolous is another word for silly

Something that is silly is absurd, ridiculous, or irrational—but not always in a negative way. Sometimes the word silly suggests amusement or even endearment (you silly goose!). Frivolous, on the other hand, almost always suggests a lack of value, merit, or necessity. A frivolous person is someone who is self-indulgently carefree and does not engage seriously with matters. A frivolous lawsuit is one that lacks legal merit and is not to be taken seriously.

Commonly found as

frivolous spending
His frivolous spending on useless trinkets in the checkout aisle was quickly depleting his bank account.
frivolous and unnecessary
The host of the awards show commented that the annual ceremony was frivolous and unnecessary.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


expeditious is a synonym of quick

adjective [ ek-spi-dish-uhs ]

expeditious is another word for quick

Time is of the essence when it comes to these two adjectives, so we'll get right to it: quick describes a speedy tempo; expeditious emphasizes promptness and efficiency, especially in the completion of a task. An expeditious answer to an inquiry is one that takes no time at all. Expeditious is easy to confuse with expedient, but the latter (expedient) is better used to describe things that are suitable or advantageous for a specific purpose, such as politically expedient statement.

Commonly found as

expeditious manner
The committee was determined to move the public hearings along in an expeditious manner.
fair and expeditious
All parties involved hoped for a fair and expeditious trial.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


belie is a synonym of contradict

verb [ bih-lahy ]

belie is another word for contradict

To belie is to create an impression that is inconsistent with the facts or that contradicts evidence. For instance, if a friend is feeling very nervous and insecure about a presentation but somehow manages to give off an aura of nonchalant confidence while delivering it, you could say their casual, relaxed manner belies their insecurity. The core idea of belie is one of misrepresentation, though the term does not usually suggest an intent to deceive; rather it used to point out notable or striking variances or contradictions.

Commonly found as

belie the fact
His naive remarks belie the fact that he has more experience and knowledge on the topic than anyone in the room.
appearance + belie
The delicate appearance of the basket belies its sturdiness.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar