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boost is a synonym of encourage

verb [ boost ]

boost is another word for encourage

Encourage means to inspire or support someone or something (I’m grateful to those who encouraged me).

Boost means to encourage and support through promotion or sharing a good opinion (I always boost my favorite businesses).

✅ Both of these terms mean to support or metaphorically lift up.

Encourage is used more widely than boost.

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fellowship is a synonym of togetherness

noun [ fel-oh-ship ]

fellowship is another word for togetherness

Togetherness refers to close, warm friendship and companionship (A feeling of togetherness defined our holiday).

Fellowship refers to a sense of companionship, often including a sense of equality or camaraderie (After our adventures, we had an unbreakable fellowship).

✅ Both of these words refer to friendship and companionship. They also both refer to a sense of mutual fondness and shared experience.

Fellowship is a little less commonly used than togetherness and can sound old-fashioned.

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kin is a synonym of family

noun [ kin ]

kin is another word for family

Family refers to a social unit, usually consisting of people who are related to one another but sometimes including close friends (I’ve known you for years, you’re family).

Kin refers to a group of people who are related to one another and who form a family or clan (The reunion was a chance to get to know distant kin we hadn’t seen in years).

Family and kin both refer to a group of people who are related to one another.

Family suggests an emotionally or genetically close relationship, whereas kin often includes people who are more distantly related and may not know each other.

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