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We are becoming a world power and should have a thoroughly united country.

Spoils, domination, world power, have been the objects of their campaigns.

And it has in turn been fought over and conquered by every world power.

We must play the game as a World Power, and as other nations are playing the game.

And she tried to be a world power and defend the Monroe doctrine!

“For us there are two alternatives and no third—world power or ruin” (Weltmacht oder Niedergang).

As Rome became a world power, the Romans likewise grew in breadth of view, in equity, and in tolerance.

I started from the conception of world power which is fairly well established in the present political literature.

It has been a world power, and its story, if adequately written, would be a most absorbing and comprehensive one.

Our nation is in the making as a world power, and in its rebirth there must needs be bloodshed and scalding tears.