wiggle out

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On this page you'll find 53 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to wiggle out, such as: back down, cancel, give in/give up, renege, surrender, and avoid.

How to use wiggle out in a sentence

  • As they reached the place they saw a man attired in an automobile suit, with big goggles on, wiggle out from the mass of hay.

    The Motor Boys Overland | Clarence Young
  • They had managed to wiggle out of the peach basket in which they had been put as they were caught from the boat.

  • I tried to catch some in my hands, but they were too quick for me; they would just wiggle out of reach.

  • "You needn't try to wiggle out of it," he said soberly at the end of the brief recounting.

    Stranded in Arcady | Francis Lynde
  • I won't let you wiggle out of writing your stories, Edna, if I print all the papers.

    Cricket at the Seashore | Elizabeth Westyn Timlow

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