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SWAP white trash IN A SENTENCE

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He's nothing but poor, white trash—too 81 poor, you say, even to have a grease light.

From their manner one would suppose they had no use for white trash.

As machinery for malevolence the "White Trash" myrmidons could not be surpassed.

And I don't want to hear anything about crackers or white trash, either.

Po' white trash a-layin' up in bed all mornin,' an' den it's eggs!

We was common folk, Mr. Ajax, what they would call in the South--white trash, an' the Standishes was real quality.

I's tellin' you de trufe, us didn' b'long to no white trash.

Marster bought all de little places 'roun' us so he wouldn' have no po' white trash neighbors.

On top o' all dat de whole country was over-run an' plumb took over by white trash.

On the other hand, none of this accession to comparative wealth seemed possible to the "White Trash."