Thesaurus / well qualified


Here both he and the midshipman were well qualified to criticise.

True BlueW.H.G. Kingston

But the fat man stepped in between—he was well qualified for that position.

Lifted MasksSusan Glaspell

Both, in respect of agility and endurance, were well qualified for the expedition.

No ThoroughfareCharles Dickens and Wilkie Collins

The candidate must demonstrate that he is duly and truly prepared, worthy, and well qualified.

Who can be so well qualified to make laws and to mend laws as a man whose business is to interpret laws and to administer laws?

He was fond of, and well qualified, to work out abstruse questions in arithmetic.

Let some one well qualified tell us more about this frost flower of Russia.

I wish no better testimony, Doctor, and am glad to know that I can procure an agent so well qualified.

The Allen HouseT. S. Arthur

These are subjects on which a popular audience may be as well qualified to judge, as scholars and critics.

He had passed more than forty years of his life on the pampa, and was, therefore, well qualified to act as guide.

Across PatagoniaLady Florence Dixie
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