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Afterwards, having nothing to do, I went to a variety show at the Alhambra.

Was he drunk when you would see him around this variety show?

What a tenderfoot he would have been in a mining camp; what a guy at a variety show!

Yet almost every evening after dinner he goes alone to one or other of the theatres, or to the variety show at the Trianon.

And then, the same week, my chum and room-mate ran away with a Doraflora girl of some variety show and married her.

She has since been broken up, after being employed, among other things, as a sort of variety show.

In one of the dullest towns of France, I sat with a Parisian at a variety show.

The variety show—— No, she must shut out that image, at least; it was enough to drive one mad to sit and think of it.

She told me that if I hadn't a quarter to go and see a variety show, she would lend me one.

I think the change began insidiously to steal upon the variety show with the increasing predominance of short plays.