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If the show’s other allovers are vaguely floral, “Diagonal” is tectonic.

The public doesn’t understand which activities are safe, and city and state officials vaguely warn that worse is yet to come.

It’s one of several manzanitas that once grew on San Francisco’s serpentine barrens, dry outcroppings laden with heavy metals from greenish, vaguely snakeskin-textured rocks.

While Thacher attacked FDR’s record, the 800 people at the rally heard Johnson vaguely promise policies that would help Maryland farmers find a market for their products.

Style Transfer works like the Prisma app that was popular a few years ago, only it can take the style of a piece of art and vaguely translate it to your picture.

They had transferred a memory, vaguely but surely, from one animal to another, and they had strong evidence that RNA was the memory-transferring agent.

You get the sense of community from all of Stars Hollow coming together for the dance marathon, and that incredibly joyful, vaguely Lynchian sequence of the whole town in their 1940s finery, boogying away on the dance floor at 6 am.

Every episode of Gilmore Girls, rankedConstance GradyOctober 6, 2020Vox

There was vaguely present in his mind the consciousness that other ties were loosening as well.

It seemed to vaguely annoy him, as if someone were asking too presuming questions.

The CruxCharlotte Perkins Gilman

The hard features of the man had in them something disagreeable and even menacing which vaguely recalled Rashleigh Osbaldistone.

Red Cap TalesSamuel Rutherford Crockett


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.