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“That’s when the real leadership vacuum happened,” said a former employee.

Huawei’s continued struggles could provide a vacuum for the competition to fill.

Then the device applies vacuum pressure to the lower half of the body.

Instead, associates around the country took matters into our own hands to fill the vacuum of leadership left by McMillon’s inaction.

There, there’s just too much of a vacuum on the part of democracies.

Between March and now, the Walmart-owned company has seen a four-fold increase in the smart kitchen segment, which includes appliances such as kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, and water purifiers.

By leaving this content up we can provide people with important information and context instead of creating an information vacuum.

You should have to break a tight vacuum seal to open the jar—using a butter knife to pry up the edge is one method—and you shouldn’t eat the food inside if the lid comes off without a fair bit of resistance.

There must be an opening high up on the wall or the ceiling for warm air to escape and create the vacuum needed to pull air in and set up a breeze.

There are two dust traps on each side that can be emptied by vacuuming.

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