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adjective as in not able to be supported in the future

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The bet proved unsustainable, and four years later, OpenAI signed an investment deal with Microsoft.

As the global population grows, this strategy is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

I’ve tried several night moisturizers this year, and I always come back to this one from Tatcha, even though the price tag makes it a bit unsustainable.

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SaaS solutions are replacing unsustainable manual processes.

“That may create some good outcomes but it is an unsustainable way to ensure a distinction between for-profit and non-profit hospitals,” Grassley wrote.

The police state system that propped up dictators from Algiers to Islamabad for decades was unsustainable.

Having a democratic state for Jews and a nondemocratic occupied state for Palestinians is unsustainable.

Moreover, the growth fueled by the MWP proved to be unsustainable.

Its most far-reaching elements have proved unconstitutional, unworkable, or politically unsustainable.

Sure, Tesla investors have pushed the stock up to levels that are insanely high and perhaps unsustainable.

The use, therefore, which was made of the resolutions on Mr. Duffy's trial was false and unsustainable in every point of view.

But she was crying dreadfully; and he was proving to her some new and unsustainable theory of bacilli.

But our soul's arches underfit into its; and so, prevent the upper arch from falling on us with unsustainable inscrutableness.

If this is unsustainable, there is nothing finally in his Metaphysics of Will to necessitate the pessimistic conclusion drawn.

The classic interpretation appears still more unsustainable when we know what the primitive mourning consists in.


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